Our Partners

Partner Since:  2008
History:  Chick-Fil-A is everyone’s go to chicken sandwich restaurant.  A huge contributor to the Dallas baseball community in general, Chick-Fil-A has been an active participant and sponsor for our Texas vs The World tournament since its inception in 2009.  The I-20/Wheatland Road location, led by owner/operator Stacey McGee,, demonstrates its commitment to the Dallas community on a daily basis.  Kudos to Chick-Fil-A for their work in the community!


GANT & HICKS Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Partner Since: 2014
History: Located in Dallas, Texas, Gant & Hicks, PLLC provides clients with superb legal representation in our practice areas of Corporate Law, Litigation, Real Estate, Estate Planning & Personal Injury. We provide value by combining professional skill, technology, and a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs to deliver high quality, cost-effective litigation.

Partner Since: 2016
History: Nike is committed to creating positive social change around the world. We help kids get active, so they can have healthier, happier and more successful lives. We bring inspiration to the communities where we live, work and play. We engage our passionate and creative employees to amplify our impact. We work with global partners to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the world today.


Partner Since: 2010
History: Discover all the ways Chevrolet is teaming up with
baseball in the small parks across the nation. As of 2015, there are
over 1,800 Chevrolet dealers involved with the Chevrolet
Youth Baseball program, and so far over $13 million
has been raised to support the game and its
players across the country. Check out exclusive content
like the latest TV spots, an overview of the Youth Baseball
program and more, right here. Keep checking back for
new content and to see what’s new with Chevrolet and MLB.

Metropolitan Jr. Baseball League (MJBL)
Partner Since: 2004
History: MJBL was formed in 1966 by Dr. William Forrester in Richmond, Virginia. To help offset segregation in baseball that led to few choices for his young son, William, Jr., Dr. Forrester made lemonade from lemons. His dream has grown into a league that covers 20 states and the Bahamas. For more inofrmation, cick the MJBL Logo. MJBL’s reach extends into Texas and the Dallas/F. Worth area as it has put together All Star Games and sponsored the annual Texas vs The World baseball tournament.

youth world
Youth World
Partner Since: 2010
History: Youth World just keeps trucking along.  Serving thousands of kids over the past two decades with some assistance mixed in with lots of passion for helping kids see a greater future.  All the while providing the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs: Safety and Food.  Truly one of the best kept secrets in Dallas.


Victory Hardball/Phoenix Bats 

Partner Since:  2012
History: Victory Hardball supplies baseball equipment and Phoenix Bats has big time ballplayers like Miguel Cabrera, the Major League’s best hitter, singing Phoenix Bats praises. This pair of sponsors presents the Chick-fil-A Texas vs The World MVP trophies.


Dallas Baptist University
Partner Since:  2008
History:  Dallas Baptist University invited Dallas Baseball Alliance to become one of its community partners several years ago and the relationship has grown tremendously.  Dallas Baptist sends several hundred of its students into the community each August to volunteer their time at various venues across the DFW Metroplex. We have personally witnessed students from Dallas Baptist laying carpet at schools, helping with fundraising for local charities and any number of other forms of giving back.  Truly one of Dallas’ bright shining stars.

University of Dallas
Partner Since: 2007
History: One of the finest liberal arts universities in Texas, the University of Dallas has always been a willing partner of the Dallas Baseball Alliance. From the very beginning, players from the university availed themselves to help teach heir learned skills to the less fortunate youth in our community. Head Coach Fraser Holmes is a perfect example of the selflessness of the university. Fraser began volunteering as a baseball instructor while still a player for U. of Dallas and now as Head Coach, has continued by volunteering at clinics and helping to perform fundraisers. We are very proud to be associated with the University of Dallas.

Dream Builders 
History: The Dream Builders Foundation is a non-profit organization that works with pro athletes across the country to help financially, physically and mentally-challenged kids receive the items, opportunities and equipment they need to reach their dreams. Dream Builders helps children in the areas of education, wellness and extracurricular activities.

City of Dallas
Partner Since: 2008
History: The City of Dallas has an evolving relationship with the Dallas Baseball Alliance. From Mayor Leppert bestowing a proclamation on the initial Texas vs The World International Baseball tournament to the staff in reservations helping with reservations of fields during the year, the City of Dallas has shown at times, that it is down for the community.

Cedar Valley College
Partner Since: 2007
History: Cedar Valley College’s Robert Dally has been a stalwart in the community for nearly a decade. Coach Dally has volunteered his own time as well as that of his players and coaches in an effort to help stoke the fires of baseball in the community. A tireless worker, Coach Dally clearly walks the walk and shuns the sorely needed credit he and Cedar Valley College deserve.

Partner Name: Buffalo Wild Wings
Partner Since: 2008
History: As Buffalo Wild Wings’ stature has grown nationally, so has its relationship with the Dallas Baseball Alliance. In 2008, Buffalo Wild Wings helped feed over 300 players at a free baseball clinic held in Oak Cliff. In 2012, Buffalo Wild Wings sponsored food for over 100 players at the Texas Vs the World Baseball Tournament held at the Mark Cuban Center. In 2013, Buffalo Wild Wings again proved an invaluable partner as it helped fundraising efforts within the Dallas Baseball Alliance.A great partner with great wings to boot!

Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau
Partner Since: 2006
History: The Major League Scouting Bureau is a tremendous asset to the community and really represents the interests of Major League Baseball well. In 2006, the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau assisted with a free clinic, which drew 125 youth and again in 2008, this time over 300 youth were scouted and instructed by the best in the business at the Major League Baseball Scouting Bureau. Not to mention the MJBL All Star Game in 2010, where the MLB Scouting Bureau put together a pro styled workout of players from around the nation, held in Lancaster. But helping players between the lines is only one facet of the scouting bureau’s reach; the scouting bureau has been there on multiple occasions for Parent Seminars, where parents of baseball players have full access to scouting bureau representatives like Rusty Gerhardt, who has been in the business of baseball all his life. The Major League Scouting Bureau also has its own free pro tryouts for ages 15 and up all round the nation each year.

Heroes Baseball Club 
Partner Since: 2012
History:  The Heroes Baseball Club, founded by Charlie McKinney has been involved in the baseball community in a big way for a long time. Charlie’s philanthropic outreach is well-documented and extends to many entities in the Metroplex including the Dallas Baseball Alliance and Statewide Elite Baseball. 

Pitch In for Baseball
Partner Since: 2009
History: Pitch in for Baseball is one of the true stewards of baseball giving. With Pennsylvania as its base of operations, Pitch in for Baseball is not limited by US boundaries as it routinely provides equipment and uniforms to African nations and lots of countries around the globe. The Dallas Baseball Alliance has been able to help serve the needs of local ballplayers due in no small part to the efforts of Pitch In for Baseball.

Playing it Forward
Partner Since: 2009
History:  David Cohen, founder of Playing it Forward has in a short time, made great strides in helping kids all around the world enjoy the various sports through his generous donations of new and used equipment. Playing it forward is a wonderful organization by any measure.

Partner Since: 2010
History: Sonic has one of the best fundraisers around with the $5.00 Sonic Gift Card. The gift card is a peel off discount card which can be sold for fundraising purposes. A big hit in the community.

Partner Since: 2011
History: In 2012, Allstate tapped the Dallas Baseball Alliance’s John Darjean for the annual Allstate Giveback Award, which is awarded annually to community-minded individuals all around the nation. There are only four awards given each year, so the Dallas Baseball Alliance was extremely grateful for this honor. With this honor for John, the Dallas Baseball Alliance’s story was told in Essence, Black Enterprise, Jet and Ebony magazines during the year.