Kyler Murray keeping the Murray Tradition Alive

Kyler surveying

Went to see Kyler play last week, Allen versus Plano with Plano’s ace and Stanford signee, Mitchell Hansen on the mound.

Kyler is of course the first Under Armour All-American in both baseball and football in its history.

Have watched Kyler many times on the football field where he is a player that you certainly would not mind paying to see. No difference in baseball.

Of course, my friend Kevin, the great Aggie Hall of Famer¬†along with Kevin’s brother Calvin and older brother Vince set the stage for Kyler with their prolific exploits on the field as multiple sport stars, so its good to see the tradition continue unabated.

Kyler is a projected first rounder in the upcoming MLB draft in June. His chosen school Texas A&M, may see its fortunes change depending what happens during the draft. In any case, Kyler is clearly deserving of the Murray name, a surname that’s synonymous with the finest talent the Metroplex has ever offered to the nation.

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