DBA Rocks Hampton Prep

A gym full of hungry (hungry for excitement) 5th through K students greeted the Dallas Baseball Alliance at an assembly on Friday, Feb 17. They came to watch former Yankee John Darjean’s amazing “Magic Trick” and to hear outstanding backgrounds on business owner Phyllis Hayden and Dallas County Attorney Felicia Kerney.

Altogether, a fun and festive occasion including complimentary food from big time community supporter Stacey McGee and Chick-fil-A as well as a ton of free equipment and uniforms sponsored by the Dallas Baseball Alliance, including gloves, bats, balls, jerseys, pants and cleats. Thanks to our partners, Victory Hardball/Phoenix Bats,  Pitch in For Baseball, Beyond Baseball, Metropolitan Jr Baseball League, Houston’s RBI Baseball and The Dallas Mustangs. 

In the end, we paid homage to all the teachers that make learning all possible at Hampton Prep, we cannot thank teachers enough for their many and varied contributions. 

You Rock Hampton Prep!

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